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kr 129 995 inkl.moms

Garanti Fantic Enduro
Fabriksgaranti *2 år
*Gäller under förutsättning att:
1. Fordonet servas auktoriserat enligt föreskrifterna.
2. Fordonet ej brukas i tävlingssammanhang eller används under tävlingsliknande former.
3. Att fordonet inte trimmas på något vis och att original ECU-mappning Homologation: Euro5 bibehålls orörd.

Fantic – Den mest framgångsrika tillverkaren i EnduroGP World Championship under 2023.
Nu träffar Fantic rakt i hjärtat i Endurovärlden med den nya efterlängtade XE 300 med den nya motorn en Minarelli 2-Takt 300cc. Som inte detta räckte så slår de även till även med en helt ny vass 4-Takt XEF 310 med elstart. Varsågod Enduro Världen!!

XE300 is a motorbike dedicated to uncompromising performance thanks to the best-performing 300cc engine on the market. The first engine in Fantic’s Racing range was developed, tested and produced in Italy by Motori Minarelli, the latter acquired by Fantic in 2020 from Yamaha Motor Europe. A compact, technological and extremely high-performing engine, which guarantees great power, but a regular and full torque curve at all speeds.

The technology stored inside this jewel guarantees its brilliant performance, first and foremost due to a double injector electronic injection system which ensures excellent regularity of operation and E5 Plus compliance. The exhaust valve is electronic, allowing a full and vigorous torque curve at every speed. The electric starter designed by Minarelli ensures immediate starts in all conditions. Finally, the hydraulic clutch ensures precision and minimal effort on the lever.

The cycling sector is top class and differs from all the competitors on the market. It is the only 300 2T that has been developed around a fine aluminum frame with a semi-dual cradle which ensures the best possible rigidity/lightness ratio. Like the other siblings in the enduro range, it confirms the Kayaba suspension with 48mm SSS fork, for years a point of reference in the off-road world. It is thus an extremely agile motorbike, with unrivaled handling qualities in its category.

The explosiveness of the 2-stroke is also managed by the first-rate electronic component, primarily the multilevel traction control, perfect for tackling different conditions and a cutting-edge double handlebar mapping switch. Deep study was also reserved for the handlebar positions of the switches and buttons, allowing great functionality, with reduced spaces and minimal design. Configuration LEDs, multilevel Traction control setting and double map switch are positioned on the left, with only the classic kill switch on the right.

Great functionality is also guaranteed from a maintenance point of view with direct access to the air filter. Last but not least, is the ergonomic aspect studied by the Fantic test team, which boasts minimal dimensions and maximum centralization of masses. The oil and petrol tank are integrated, the conveyors are narrow and ergonomic; the rear axle has been completely redesigned compared to Fantic’s other 2-stroke offroad models, ensuring room for many more components, but maintaining the same overall dimensions.

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