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FANTIC XE 125 MY2023
The "power unit"

FANTIC XE 125 MY2023

kr 99990 inkl.moms

Garanti Fantic Enduro
Fabriksgaranti *2 år
*Gäller under förutsättning att:
1. Fordonet servas auktoriserat enligt föreskrifterna.
2. Fordonet ej brukas i tävlingssammanhang eller används under tävlingsliknande former.
3. Att fordonet inte trimmas på något vis och att original ECU-mappning Homologation: Euro5 bibehålls orörd.

En ständig förbättring

Det är nyckeln till flaggskeppet i vårt NEW RACING ERA-sortiment,
som i år genomgår en betydande uppgradering och stoltserar med titeln Mondiale Youth.

En lättare sving, enklare underhåll och en ny 125cc 2-taktsmotor gör XE125 till en perfekt kombination av smidighet, prestanda och användarvänlighet även under de mest extrema förhållandena.


The small but high-performance 125 cc 2-stroke engine is totally refurbished, drawing on the Youth 2021 world champion cross engine.

Obviously, it retains E5 homologation, a very rare achievement in a small 2-stroke.

Thanks to the redesign of the cylinder, piston and connecting rod, and a new Keihin PowerJet 38 mm carburettor, our 125 has never been so gutsy, calibrated and rideable at low revs.


Our Arrow exhaust system is so beautiful you could keep it in your living room. But that would be a pity, because thanks to superb quality materials and processes it’s also incredibly high-performance, giving your XE125 plenty of punch at high revs without sacrificing smooth progression throughout the curve.


15 seconds. No tools. That’s all you need to change the TwinAir air filter with the new rear axle.

The important thing is to ride, not to spend time on maintenance.

In addition to an extremely simple filter change, the Fantic engineers have also improved lightness and performance: 10% less weight overall for the new components, while the size of the filter case has been meticulously studied and tested by our Factory team to maximise performance at high revs

Our 125 2-stroke engine pairs perfectly with a 100% aluminium chassis, a combination that’s practically unique on the market.

High-tech, lightweight but also extremely rigid, it provides the utmost precision and responsiveness, for maximum power in any conditions.


High quality suspension should guarantee ultra-precise handling, using every millimetre of the stroke to filter the terrain and keep only what the rider needs.

This is why we chose KYB and a 48 mm pressurised closed-cartridge SSS (Speed Sensitive System) fork, with 300 mm of travel and super-adjustable for preload, extension and compression.

The mono shock absorber is also Kayaba, with 315mm wheel travel.


A rider is a winner if he remains constant from beginning to end of the heat.

This is why we’ve worked hard with the Enduro Factory Team to develop an ergonomic design that’s sleek, clean and contoured to give you maximum riding freedom.


Wet or hazardous terrain? Tired at the end of a long day?

No worries, we’ve thought of that too.

The XE comes with two mapping modes as standard: Hard delivers for maximum performance, while Soft delays ignition for smoother and easier-to-handle response, without sacrificing the adrenaline of full power.

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